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I'm shannon

Creator of KYML | Local Marketer and Expert Funneler

What an incredible time to be in business! The world is shifting and it's changing fast. For businesses and for each and every one of us.
Now is the time to live your best life. With instability comes transformation.
So let’s make this time count. 

But as a business owner you might be feeling lost and overwhelmed just keeping pace with new generations and new technologies. 

The world of sales & marketing is shifting fast.
Lets face it, you're already meeting supply, operational and economical demands. Extra time chasing those trends just to keep your business afloat isn't always feasible.

Now the good news is you're not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You already have the products, the tools and the know-how to truly serve your customers. Now all you need is to lead them to you.

So let me ask you one question, are you ready for the NEXT EVOLUTION (to quote my favorite movie… GI JANE)!! If you said yes, you are in the right place.

Join me
below for the rest of the story. Let us help find your story and your passion. Taking your business from just surviving to one that is thriving.


Get To Know kyml Better

KYML Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Sales for Businesses Changing the World

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The Start Of It All

KYML started with one goal. To help small businesses compete with big businesses.
To create some balance in the marketing space using the power of empowered consumers and a collective presence.
It became the solution I was looking for instead of waiting for the right opportunity to find me. See, I'm a creator, an innovator and a visionary and I was feeling passionless and stuck in my professional career. I was feeling like I was meant to do more.
So I made a shift diving back into my creative passions.
And what an adventure it’s been. Building my business and taking control of my future has led me directly to the world of digital marketing, the knowledge and coaching industry and finally to FUNNELS!
I’ve now invested the last 2 years in learning and mastering proven frameworks that work in today's world of marketing and sales. These are the tools and frameworks I will be applying to your business to help you gain quality leads and share your purpose.
Because our story is one of service, we are mastering these skills so that you can do what you do best and continue providing value to your customers the way only you can.

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Find your brand, your purpose and share your Lokal Value

  • ​Unique business page and visibility on the KYML Directory.
  • 1 Hour consultation uncovering your brands voice and who your are really serving. 
  • ​​Exclusive access to weekly marketing and sales coaching sessions to help you elevate your brand.
  • Join a community of like minded professionals with similar values.
VIP Level (2).png


Brand, purpose and online presence to elevate your Lokal Value and reach your true clients.

  • ​Everything in Basic
  • Personalized social media content built and designed specifically for you. 
  • Access to our inspirational team for one-to-one coaching and support.
Enterprise Level (1).png


Take your Lokal business to the next level with full enterprise solution to marketing and funnels done for you.

  • ​Everything in Basic and VIP
  • 3 Hour initial consultation to identify your purpose, brand, client base and unique outcome of your service. Plus weekly touch-base.
  • ​Split Testing A/B Lead Funnel
  • ​Implementation of Funnel Hub
  • Customer feedback and survey collection
  • ​​Data collection and review of Google Analytics ($256/month)
  • ​Heatmap installation and data collection ($256/month)
  • Risk Free 30 day guarantee. 

take your business to
the next level

Done for you Solutions
So you can Focus on what you do best

take your business to
the next level

Proven Frameworks
That Remove the Stress of
Marketing & Sales
Try our VIP Enterprise Solution Now

Why choose us

Here at KYML we want to work with you to elevate your presence and truly compete on a global stage.
Using only the best frameworks for today's tech driven world to help your business succeed so that more local communities can thrive and survive in the growing global world of commerce.
Our story is about building up Lokal businesses on Lokal marketing platforms and to empower the next generation of consumers. What's better than that?






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Yup, life is hapenning quick and we get that you have alot going on

  • ​Time: I'm already SO busy just trying to keep my life and work balanced
  • ​Money: Everything is SO expensive, people can't afford my products that's why they are not buying.
  • ​Belief: My business is small and meant for a select group of people only. There is no benefit to going online.

We get it! Times are changing fast and it's hard to keep on top of all of your life AND business demands. Signing up with KYML can help give you an edge in life and take your business to the next level by 1. Unloading the MASSIVE job of building your online presence 2. Increasing your ROI by fine tuning your funnel so that your content is being presented to the right people and the right time 3. Gaining confidence in you and your products to really excel and reach your dream customers.
It's true. Marketing & Sales are changing fast but everywhere you look, people are using these frameworks to tap into new customer bases all over the world. Because you never really know what people want, until you ask them.  


Frequently Asked Questions

With so many options available today, you need to be clear of what you want so that you can choose the right option for your business. 

What can I really expect with Basic?

Monthly subscription value of $47 bill monthly/ Save 25% on annual sign up.

Personalized business page hosted on the KYML.CA directory with direct links to all your digital assets and information.

A full hour consultation to help you uncover your roots of your business to help you understand your brands voice and dig deep into who your dream customer is.

Exclusive access to our next level service where you can gain valuable tips and tricks on current marketing and sales trends.
Hosted on our Facebook Group will be a weekly interactive Live insights session.

Risk Free: 30 day guarantee.

What can I really expect with VIP?

Everything mentioned in the Basic level!

Monthly subscription value of $497 billed monthly/ Save 25% on annual sign up. 

Included individualized content creation to a maximum of 2 posts/week for a maximum of 2 social platforms. 

Content is created with photos and video's supplied by you. Shared with our team using Dropbox. 

Our team uses Canva to create and design graphics and video's meant to attract your dream client to your services.

Get one-to-one support and answers to your questions from our highly qualified team of experts during regular business hours.

Risk Free: 30 day guarantee.

What can I expect with VIP Enterprise?

Everything mentioned in the Basic and VIP level!!

Monthly subscription value of $1997 billed monthly/ Save 25% on annual sign up. 

Next level consultation to sort out objectives, unique business outcomes and set up of CRM systems. Up to 3 hours via Zoom.

We set up your funnel from start to finish.

Twice a month we will complete a split test to help you hone in on your customers behaviors and wants. 

Set up and collection of customer feedback surveys.

Additional Value: Review of Google Analytics and data collection.

Additional Value: Heatmap installation and data collection.

Risk Free: 30 day guarantee. 

 Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! Initial payments are required up front and should you not be 100% satisfied with the service, you can request a full refund up to 30 days from payment receipt. Who doesn't love that!

Try for Free $0.00 (Normally $47) For 30 Day Trial


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  • ​Number one: You'll have this new Identity
  • Number twoWe stand for X
  • Number threeYou'll be part of the X Group



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